The 里吉斯咨询和家庭治疗中心 offers in-person low to no-cost counseling services for members of our surrounding community and teletherapy to anyone in Colorado. 作为咨询和家庭治疗中心的客户, you will develop an authentic and growth-oriented relationship with your therapist, while growing your own base of life skills derived from the latest research and best practices offered in the field. 

Counseling sessions are led by master's-level therapists-in-training who meet with you once per week for an average of 14 weeks per semester. 在这14周的时间里,你会有一个始终如一的顾问, 你的预约时间是每周同一时间. 

ca88确实要求接受治疗的人同意录制视频, as this provides real-time feedback for the therapist to evaluate their skills along with their supervisor. 新兴治疗师渴望学习, and your commitment helps increase the scope and quality of future mental health services as these soon-to-be graduates enter the workforce. 

目前DCFT学生和本科生可联系 咨询和个人发展办公室 为服务.

The 里吉斯咨询和家庭治疗中心 does not provide crisis counseling or suicide prevention counseling.
如果你正在经历精神健康紧急状况, 请联系科罗拉多危机热线(或发短信“TALK”至38255), 去你的 最近的无预约危机中心 或拨打911.



Individual or couples counseling is an opportunity to receive support and experience growth during challenging times in life. Counselors can help you and/or your partner deal with many topics in life such as anger, 抑郁症, 焦虑, 药物滥用, 婚姻和关系的挑战, 教育问题, 学校的困难, 职业生涯的变化等. 婚姻或夫妻咨询可以帮助解决冲突, 愈合伤口,重新朝着共同的目标前进.


Family therapy is often sought due to a life change or stress negatively affecting one or all areas of family closeness, 家庭结构或沟通方式. 这种咨询模式可以采取多种形式. 有时最好是看到整个家庭在一起几次治疗. 家庭治疗中涉及到的常见问题是关于养育子女的问题, 兄弟姐妹的冲突, 失去家庭成员, new members entering the family or dealing with change affecting the family system.​


Licensed mental health professionals therapeutically use play to help their clients, 大多数是3到12岁的孩子, 更好地表达自己,解决问题. 许多心理健康机构, 学校, hospitals and private practitioners have utilized play therapy as a primary intervention or as supportive therapy for behavioral problems such as anger management, 悲伤和失落, 离婚, 抛弃,危机和创伤.


新! 技术援助项目

Our new 技术援助项目 loans out iPads and mobile WiFi hotspots to Thornton residents without access to the technology required for teletherapy appointments.


ca88的服务最高收费为30美元, 对于支付不起30美元费用的客户,还可以按比例调整. We take pride in being able to provide mental health services to our community, 没有客户因为无力付款而被拒绝服务.

寻求咨询服务的夫妇或家庭作为一个客户收取费用. Clients who bring multiple family members to individual 咨询s will be given a special family rate. Due to our low-to-no cost model, we do not accept any insurance, Medicaid or Medicare. 

费用在课程开始时收取. 可接受的支付形式包括现金、支票或信用卡.



在直接监督护理下, confidential services are provided by master's-level graduate students in the final clinical phase of their counseling and family therapy education. 中心配备16名工作人员icensed clinical supervisors – these highly qualified professionals review cases and take professional responsibility for diagnoses and treatment. Supervisors are involved in the therapy process and may be required to discuss ethical and legal complexities.




瑞吉斯大学’s Division of Counseling and 家庭治疗 provides progressive, 在最先进的咨询中心体验学习. Our counseling training rooms are equipped with two way mirrors and non-intrusive audio and video components that foster an interactive learning model with "real time" feedback and review. Our therapists use both visual and audio tools to enhance their clinical skills on their path to becoming outstanding counselors and family clinicians.

注意: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic all of our clients and counselors are required to wear masks while on campus. ca88也提供远程治疗预约, 如果您没有远程治疗预约所需的技术,ca88的 技术援助项目 也许能帮上忙.



一旦ca88收到你的预约请求, ca88的一名工作人员将会伸出手来开始接收过程. During intake our goal is to get a better understanding of you and your mental health goals, 给你找个心理医生. 然后,ca88会安排你的第一次预约. 在你的第一次治疗中, please plan to arrive approximately 10 minutes early to fill out compliance and personal history paperwork (or fill paperwork out ahead of time).


Therapy will begin with an introduction to each other, followed by review of our policies. Your therapist will take the time to understand your unique needs and preferred outcomes. Treatment planning is a collaborative process where you co-create the path towards healing that would be most beneficial to you. All sessions are conducted by a Master's-level counselor or family therapist in training who is actively supervised by a licensed mental health professional.

3 .持续成长

每次会议大约持续45分钟, 每周在同一时间举行,持续约14周. All counselors and family therapists follow models of treatment proven to be effective by current research in the field of psychotherapy. 会话 begin with a review of your progress as well as time to share personal feedback generated from previous sessions. Our hope is that you will come away from therapy with the tools and confidence you need to face life's challenges and enhance your everyday well-being.


The Master of Arts (MA) in Counseling degree (Specialty: Community Counseling) is accredited by the Council for 认证 of Counseling & 相关教育计划(CACREP)、高等教育评审委员会(农谢先生) and is approved by the International Registry of Counselor Education Programs (IRCEP).


The Master of Arts (MA) in Marriage and 家庭治疗 program is accredited by the Commission on 认证 for Marriage and 家庭治疗 Education (COAMFTE),弗吉尼亚州亚历山大市南阿尔弗雷德街112号,22314,(703)838-9808, coa@aamft.org.




Mondays-Thursdays: 12英镑.m. - 7 p.m.
星期六:9.m. - 2 p.m.